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Successfully resolving the issue of poor service by bank: faced by IT- knowledge entrepreneur (example for reference)

January 23, 2016 7:24 pm - NITEE admin

Complaint against lack of service by Soaminagar branch, XXXXX Bank 

Favourable Settlement in a week

From: Branch Manager Soaminagar ,  Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2012 6:32 PM
To: , Cc: Development Depertment;
Subject: Re: Fw: Complaint against lack of service by Soaminagar branch, XXXXX Bank


This is to inform you that your limit has been restored to Rs.———–.00. you may avail this limit with effect from 13.01.2012.
We regret and apologise the inconvenience caused to you due to reduction of limit.
We also like to inform you that we are ready to enhance your Overdraft limit upto Rs.–.– lac, if you so desire.

XXXXX  Kumar
Chief Manager
XXX, Soaminagar

Dear Sir

We have received a complaint from Ms. Suma, a customer of you Branch.
You are advised to take necessary steps for the redressal  of the grievance and
send a compliance mail immediately.

For Chief Manager
New Delhi Region
—– Forwarded by XXXXXX Grover/Development/New Delhi/XXXX on 05/01/2012 05:23 PM —–

From:        CRM New Delhi/New Delhi/XXXX
To:        Branch Manager Soaminagar/New Delhi/XXXX@XXX
Cc:        Development Depertment/Development/North India/XXX@XXX, XXXX Mohapatra/Development/New Delhi/XXXX@XXXX, Sushil Grover/Development/New Delhi/XXXX@XXXX
Date:        05/01/2012 04:42 PM
Subject:        Fw: Complaint against lack of service by Soaminagar branch, XXXX Bank


—–Forwarded by CRM New Delhi/New Delhi/XXXX on 01/05/2012 04:41PM —–
To: <>    From: “Suma E P” <>
Date: 01/05/2012 01:59PM
Cc: <>, “‘Ranjan Singh'” <>, “‘Umesh Gupta'” <>
Subject: Complaint against lack of service by Soaminagar branch, United Bank of India

Dear Mr XXXXX,

Happy New Year!

It is with a heavy heart that I start the year with a complaint. Sir, we have a CC account with the Soaminagar branch, ADGFCGHJHJH, for almost 5 years now.

 This is to bring to your notice the extreme callousness with which we have been handled over the past one month by some of the employees at the branch.

 Ms XXXXXXX Sharma, the then branch manager at the branch called me on Dec 12 2011, and said that since one of the LIC policies submitted to her in June 2011 had not been assigned so far, she had to bring down our OD limit. She had increased our limit in June without having done the assignment process with LIC. It was December audit time, she said, and all paper work had to be in order. I pleaded with her as we had a service tax deadline to meet in Dec 2011. She refused.

 So we collected the assignment form from her and submitted it to her by Dec 13 2011 with all signatures. On Dec 15th morning when I called her up to check if she had managed to send the LIC policy to LIC, she replied that yes, it has been sent.

 On 23rd Dec 2011, I went to LIC to check the progress of the assignment and have it quickly sent to XXXXbank. There I found out that the policy had not even been sent to LIC in the first place. It was then  that I learn that she had been transferred to Kolkata. This was reported to me by bank employee Mr YYYY, who had been given the responsibility by Ms Sharma to process the assignment.

 When I checked on 3rd Jan on the status, I learnt that the policy had still not been sent to LIC. So after haggling and pushing, Mr YYYY has managed to send the policy to LIC on Jan 4th.

 Meanwhile, the company account has had a cash block to the tune of Rs ———.00 for the last 10 days. When the Govt of India is extending all support to MSME, I am aghast at the callous nature meted out to us by some of the Soaminagar branch employees.

 The new bank manager Mr ZZZZZ Kumar has expressed his unwillingness to raise the limit, though he is convinced that his colleagues have been less than competent in this issue. I do not blame him as he is new to the branch.

 However, I would like to squarely place the blame on the callous attitude of Ms XXXXX Sharma and the incompetence of Mr YYYY in having unable to process an LIC policy assignment in 25 days! As of today, I have assigned someone from my team to persuade LIC to process the assignment today itself. So if this assignment does get done, it will be solely because of our efforts.

 Meanwhile, the bank has also lost out on interest they would have earned as we used up the limit. If a few such instances are happening at one branch, you are looking at a good amount of revenue loss.

 My request is to please increase our OD limit right away, and that instruct the team at Soaminagar that such issues do not ever crop up again.

 MSMEs, especially those run by women, face a lot of issues in their business. While banks cannot go out of their way to support them, they can at least do their work properly and on time so we have fewer issues to deal with.

I am copying this mail to members of NITEE (Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises in NCR) as NITEE is an association that is working to address the issues faced by MSMEs.

 Thank you for your time.


 Suma E P  |  Director

Knowiz Solutions Private Limited ( ) 283, 3rd Floor, Satya Niketan, Moti Bagh New Delhi 110021

Mob: +91-98188 99903, Ph:  +91-11-24101790


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