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NITEE Annual Report 2010-2011:

Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (NITEE) was formally  registered as  Not for profit Organisation  under Indian Societies Act (1860)  in June’2010. It’s first annual report  provides: 

  1. Comprehensive  insights on NITEE vision, mission and  objectives and   it’s  initiatives to achieve them
  2. Details  on  costs and coordination work required to deliver ongoing and planned iniatives.
  3. Insights behind the NITEE initiatives based on real time  contexts/challanges faced by knolwedge entrepreneurs. 
  4. Members experiences.  

At NITEE, we expect annual report to  be useful in understanding the hands on approach to foster innovation clusters in the country. At the same time we  seek   partners (both developmental and corporate) to support this  participatory approach to  promote innovation and knowledge led entrepreneurship.  

Please download the Annual Report: