What is NITEE?

Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (NITEE) is an institutional effort led by Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strt-up/MSE entrepreneurs of National Capital Region(Delhi-NCR) to address their challanges in knowledge and business growth. NITEE is formally registered as not for profit organisation under Indian Societies Act (1860) to represent and work for their interests. See NITEE Brochure

Overview & Genesis of NITEE :

Delhi-National Capital Region(NCR) is house to approximately more than 4000 MSMEs (Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises) in the broad domain of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This figure is estimated to have more than 300 start-ups which are essentially micro or small enterprises with less than 3 years in existance.Large organizations and those active in ITES domain (especially BPOs,KPOs) are not included in above estimation.
Starting since June’2009, a group of start-up/SME entrepreneurs participated in a series of systematic discussions on their firm level and eco-system level challenges. These resulted in mapping of existing and possible solutions; respective private and institutional solution providers; and gap areas in overall innovation and enterprise promotion/support structures available to them.
Beyond common understanding on eco-system, discussions continued on possible ways to leverage on strengths among
(a) fellow start-ups/MSME entrepreneurs,large companies within or outside ICT domain;
(b)local educational and research institutes;
(c) private and institutional Business Development Service Providers(BDSP) i.e.consultants, investors,government-public bodies etc., and;
(d) other relevant stakeholders; for the benefit of the upcoming entrepreneurs in emerging technologies.

Among several suggestions consensus was on the need of having :

(i) Online nodal point called (a cluster portal): To showcase the IT entrepreneurial spread at Delhi-NCR, involve relevant cluster stakeholders, lead generation and venture development requirements.
(ii) Institutional nodal point called NITEE : To undertake planned initiatives to engage various stakeholders to leverage private and public partners in entrepreneurial and innovation development.
It is this group of around 100 startup/small entrepreneurs which conceptualized and formed Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises(NITEE). NITEE was formally registered under Indian Societies Act(1860) as a membership based non-profit organization on 15th June’2010.
Group discussion process also involved participation of persons from Department of Science & Technology, senior level faculty from management colleges, Industry promotion experts from Foundation for MSME clusters, private consultants to add in their perspectives/experience.

NITEE Vision:

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Cluster of National Capital Region (NCR) becomes vibrant and uniquely positioned as Innovative cluster in India

NITEE Mission:

To foster wide ranging innovations by creating and strengthening self sustaining inter linkages among ICT entrepreneurs and enterprises with relevant institutions, mentors and other knowledge providers

NITEE objectives:

To provide a common forum for collective representation and advocacy, communication and collaborative actions among themselves and with other relevant eco-system constituents, facilitate mutual learning and harness existing and emerging opportunities.
To facilitate creation and nurturing of formal and informal networks of ICT entrepreneurs and enterprises to achieve the objective.
To collaborate with industry and industry bodies, Academic/R&D institutes, experts on technology and business issues, investors and financial institutions.