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Delhi-National Capital Region(NCR) is house to approximately more than 4000 MSMEs (Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises) in the broad domain of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) including startups. Large IT companies and those active in ITES domain (especially BPOs,KPOs) are not extra to above estimation.
Delhi-NCR has more than 130 Engineering colleges, more than 200 Management Colleges, number of research institutes and R&D centres, Sectoral and apex Industrial associations, Formal and informal networks of entrepreneurs,investors,technical and non-technical enthusiasts, seat of state and national adminstration, Office of almost every public and private sector orgnaisations worth their name, a strong and vibrant consumer base, good public infrastructure and cosmopolitan and multicultural environment . All this and many more makes this region a dream hub for any aspiring entrepreneur to test his/her mettle.
However, a group of IT start-up/SME entrepreneurs who undertook regular discussions on issues and challlanges faced in their business development observed that overall entrepreneurial eco-system is harsh for first generation technology entrepreneurs and suggested that some of the gaps like:

(i) Lack of a nodal point for entreprenmeurs to be visibile to different stakeholders in general and particularily to those who are interested in reaching out to them for various purposes.
(ii) Lack of an value added information repository on various services and assistances available to them from public institutions and/or private sources at one place .
(iii) Lack of information on the fellow entrepreneurs in Delhi-NCR and ability to reach out to them in a regular, informal manne for experience,resource and leads sharing.
(iv) Lack of information on the fellow stakeholders based in Delhi-NCR like academic and research institutions, incubators,government departments and ability to reach out to them on various issues.
(iv) lack of a mechanism to collect the challanges looking for IT solutions, channel the desire of various stakeholders to be associated with entrepreneurs etc
can be addressed to some extent by an online portal

What is www. is envisaged as an online platform to

(a) Showcase and celebrate the Delhi-NCR based ICT enterprises, entrepreneurs, their products/services aimed at lead generation
(b) Facilitate online communication, networking among entrepreneurs and other stakeholders in Delhi- NCR
(c) Provide value added information on various relevant stakeholders and providers of developmental and commercial assistances.
As a product i.e. NCR cluster wide online platform is aimed to address issues related to business development challenges of ICT entrepreneurs by
(i) enabling one stop brief display of their company, product and teams profile to visitors with diverse interests,
(ii) dedicated communication channels among entrepreneurs themselves and with other stakeholders around their points of need /sharing
(iii) enabling stakeholders as a single point to reach out to entrepreneurs as a collective around their requirements and interests
(iv) knowledge bank at this portal will address the issues relevant to enterprise building along with (v) providing linkage to the solution providers to the entrepreneurs.
Fully supported with proactive NITEE Secretariat working on the business development for the entrepreneurs, is envisioned to be an online replica of entrepreneurial eco-system at Delhi-NCR.

Who can be on

Entrepreneurs and Enterprises in the broad domain of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Institutes and service providers based in Delhi-NCR are invited to be on They will avail differentiated rights on features as members.
Individuals can join to participate in features of their interest as in any other portal.

Nitee.Org is not a home page of NITEE. is to serve the business interests of all Delhi-NCR based IT entrepreneurs and enterprises and related stakeholders like institutions and service providers irrespective of whether they are member of Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (NITEE).

NITEE is a society registered by the entrepreneurs to represent them at institutional level. NITEE members enjoy some privileges on supported by a professional secretariat.