Frequently Asked Questions

What is NITEE?

  • Organisation :  Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises (NITEE)  is a  not for profit organisation registered under Indian Societies Act(1860). It is governed by 12 member elected body of  technology entrepreneurs and has a professional secretariat to manage and cultivate business and knowledge networks. See NITEE Governing Body
  • Genesis:  NITEE has been conceptualised  and  formed by  Delhi-NCR based  start-ups/MSMEs active  in the domain of Information and Communication Technology(ICT)  to represent and work for their interests.   NITEE is a nodal point of  communication and collaboration   by  ICT start-ups/MSMEs with relevant stakeholders and among themselves.  It has a dedicated secretariat to cultivate knowledge and business development networks for the benefit of budding and growth stage ICT enterprises and entrepreneurs.  See NITEE Brochur
  • Function: NITEE is an interconnected  eco sytem  of  knowledge and innovation driven enterprises (ICT entrepreneurs from idea level to mature SMEs), relevant service providers and stakeholders at Delhi-NCR. It functions like a virtual incubator and probably the India’s first cluster (regional level)  management organisation conecptualised and led by the cluster stakeholders.

What is is an online  nodal point  of Delhi-NCR based start-ups/MSMEs in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) domain. It is  to (a)showcase Delhi-NCR cluster based ICT entrepreneurs, enterprises, their products and services ; (b)  enable communication and cooperation  among  stakeholders and  entrepreneurs  on range of issues like  leads or problem sharing, job or business offer sharing,    knowledge and experience sharing etc.

As a cluster portal is an initiative designed to bring NDelhi-National Capital Region(NCR) based entrepreneurs in ICT domain closerto (i) to each other (ii) with relevant stakholders of the entrepreneurial and innovation eco-system.  See to know more.

How to become member of ?

Individually any visitor can register oneself on This entails ( on approval by admin) him/her to participate in some features.

ICT entrepreneurs and enterprises, institutions and service providers based in Delhi-NCR  are invited by NITEE secretariat to become member on and to put  their profiles on it . They can also submit their request to register online which are processed by admin.

All NITEE members are members of They enjoy special priviliges on (except individual members).

How to become member of NITEE ?

  • Kindly write/call/visit NITEE secretariat at below coordinates:

Manager, Network of ICT Entrepreneurs & Enterprises(NITEE),
USO House, USO Road, Off Shaheed Jeet Singh :Marg,
6, Special Institutional Area, New Delhi-110067
Mobile: +91 8130122450; Fax: +91-11-28082819;

  • Can put the request on  . Find details at Join NITEE.

What are the membership categories at NITEE?

Membership Category Regular Rights & Benefits, Responsibilities
Individual membership:
Students, faculty, aspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals looking forward to have their own start-ups and/or want to be connected with entrepreneurial community can opt for this membership.
This requires recommendation from an existing NITEE member and doesn
To participate in regularly held NITEE monthly and quarterly meetings; learning workshops and entrepreneur to group counselling sessions etc.To use NITEE branding on website, business
cards and marketing collaterals To receive communications from secretariat to members, on, NITEE group on social media . To stand for the NITEE governing body * and vote** To obtain pro active advice and support of NITEE secretariat for respective knowledge and business network development. To avail discount offers available to NITEE members. Responsibility: To keep oneself updated and proactively participate in NITEE initiatives To Involve in conceptualisation, implementation of NITEE initiatives. To proactively further the cause of NITEE by providing linkages and leadership to secretariat to potential buyers, investors, advisors, benefactors for fellow members in your network
Enterprise membership:
Delhi-NCR based Start-up, SME firms active in the broad domain of Information and Communication Technology having software/hardware based product/service to form a core of their business or providing IT services to entrepreneurs like Hosting, system integration, development etc. are eligible for this membership.
These units can be privately held enterprises registered as proprietorship, partnership, private limited, limited liability partnership (LLP) etc.
Corporate membership:
Established Technology and Service companies (publicly held)in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), other Corporate(s) are welcome to the association to take the corporate membershi
Business Development Services (BDS) Provider

This membership will be for private as well as institutional (non-IT) service providers, (i.e. Consultants like Intellectual Property Rights, TAX, and Human Resource etc.), Financial/Investment Companies
Institutional membership
All recognised undergraduate and postgraduate Academic institutions, R&D institutions, regd. e-cells, Incubators, NGOs, Multi-stakeholder organisations/agencies can apply for the Institutional Membershi

What is NITEE Membership Category & Fee Structure?


Applicable to

Fee Structure*


Startups & MSMEs

Rs. 1000 one time admission + Rs. 1,200 annual subscription


Aspiring Entrepreneurs: (Students, working professionals, friends of innovators)

Rs. 500 one time admission + Rs. 500 annual subscription

Corporate membership

Public listed, multi national companies, 

Rs. 1000 one time admission + Rs. 10,000 annual subscription

B.D.S. Provider Membership

Consultants (both individual or institutional)

Rs. 1000 one time admission + Rs. 2,000 annual subscription

Institutional membership

Academic and research  institutions, Business Incubators, NGOs, Development institutions

Rs. 1000 one time admission + Rs. 10,000 annual subscription

*Life membership can be obtained by paying sum of admission fee + 10 times of yearly subscription fee of respective category.