These include:

  • NITEE Learnshops
  • Partnered workshops

NITEE LearnShops: NITEE regularly conducts half day (some times longer) learning workshops delivered by domain experts. These LearnShops are organized on issues of critical importance based on insights gained from entrepreneurs around their real time business and technical challanges. opics and experts are decided by the NITEE secretariat and members in advance based on regular discussions among members and monthly review meetings.

Objective of NITEE organised Learnshop,delivered by the domain experts e include:(consultants, faculty experts,experienced entrepreneur etc.) is to disseminate ready to use tools to participants. Experts are involved for hand holding support afterwards as motive is always to go beyond the awareness building.

Partnered Workshops: These are knowledge sharing events where NITEE partners with other stakeholders at Delhi-NCR (or external) by supporting them in mobilization, venue arrangments, experts etc. for the benefit of the intended audience i.e. entrepreneurs, IT professionals, students etc. These stakeholders are incubators; colleges and their e-cells; industrial associations; common interest communities like web security enthusiasts, gamers, FOSS etc. ; stakeholders external to Delhi-NCR.

Objective behind partnered workshops is to (a) establish collaborative spirit with fellow stakeholders while minimising duplicity of events in the eco-system (b) enabling stakeholders who are not frequent event organisers and therefore have limitations with mobilisation and other organisation issues.

NCR-IT Innovation Expo

  • IT Expo Flyer
  • IT Expo Report
  • IT Expo Directory

Network of ICT Entrepreneurs & Enterprises (NITEE), the association of MSME IT entrepreneurs of Delhi-NCR, organized the NCR-IT Innovation Expo, 2011 on 7th May, 2011 at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. Event was supported by Department of Science & Technology (DST), GoI and Foundation for MSME Clusters.

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