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  • Cluster Innovation Centre(CIC)
  • Founders leadership Development Program (FLDP)

Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC):

NITEE is on its way to establish Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) at Delhi. Firmly rooted on bottom-up approach on which NITEE has eveloved CIC  which will act as a focal point of its initiatives aimed at making IT industry cluster of Delhi-NCR an Innovation Cluster of India.

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Initiatives Underdiscussions

1.  NITEE Common Business Centre

2.  NITEE Innovation Fund

3. NITEE Working spaces


NITEE Common Business Centre:

There is a critical requirement of  a common working space ( and more in different locations at Delhi-NCR) which can be used by aspiring and start-up/MSME entrepreneurs with its well equipped conference rooms ( say one for upto 50 persons, and another for up to 100 persons)  to conduct:

(a) Meetings with their clients and target audience

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