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Network of ICT Entrepreneurs and Enterprises(NITEE) is a not for profit organisation registered under Indian Societies Act (1860).While being a membership based organisation it is owned by all the members, an elected governing body manages and controls it.NITEE governing body comprise maximum of 12 and minimum of 8 members and is elected for a period of 2 years.

However, various NITEE initiatives are managed by different Chairs (or committees) assigned to member entrepreneurs on volunteer basis (not necessarily the governing body members). These chairs guide the regular activities undertaken by professional secretariat and volunteering non-member(s). Non members are welcome to volunteer for NITEE activities

Mr. Bhishm Singh [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Atul Gangwar [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Sachin Jain
[phone_number] [website]
Mr. Chetanya Sahu [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Vaibhav lall [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Saurabh Thakur [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Ramandeep singh [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Samir Datt [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Rajiv Gupta [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Avijit Guha
Treasurer [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Shishir Jain
Secretary [phone_number] [website]
Mr. Umesh Gupta
President [phone_number] [website]